Monday, May 3, 2010

Me calling me :)

Five things to remember, follow and stick to:

Get over things quickly, 'ifs' and 'buts' are not going to help you in any way. You can always learn a thing or few from your past but that's it, learn those and move on. There is not point going back and forth to all those things which make you feel sad/depress. Future; No body knows what is going to happen next moment. Alright, you can always argue that one can be well prepared for the coming issues ! BUT really nobody knows, then why bother. live in the moment. Do the right thing. Aim of life is to be happy all the time and to live satisfactory life, and these things come from your outlook towards situations, not the actual situations.

2. All is well.
when ever you feel sad, tell your heat " All izzz well". throw away all the negative feelings, the only contribution those feelings could make is to delay healing process, hamper your decision making process and push you into less productive cycle. Throw away ' sadness, anxiety, jealousy, frustration, loss of confidence, helpless ness' etc etc. Welcome, happiness, confidence, honesty, satisfaction; be positive-follow your heart, do whatever you feel like doing and be ready to face consequences, no regret just fun !. ALL IZZZ WELL. "मन का हो तो अच्छा, न हो और भी अच्छा"

3 Time management.
Don't waste time, there are so many things you can learn, there are so many ways you can spend your time more effectively-more productively. OK, so you like visiting movie websites and faltu blogs? do it, no problem, but don't over-do it. Visit those stuff ( News, movies, social networking, blogs etc) twice a day, but then give it a break. Make list of top 3 things in your life that you should be doing right now in terms of having long time happiness. Do those in cycle, do something else in between. Stay focused. Time is very important, wasting time is like wasting opportunity. And really, that's the last thing you want to do.

4. Bigger picture.
Always keep in mind the bigger picture, small term suffering, small term embarrassment, small term awkwardness- everything is fine, unless and until they serve towards purpose of fulfilling your long time goal. Focus on your goal, goal of ultimate happiness and do whatever it takes to reach there, don't get bogged down by everyday small-little-petty issues. Remember " जीवन हैं तो संघर्ष हैं"

Confidence in your self, in you action is very important. obviously, you will go wrong quite a few times, but who cares, learn a thing or few from the experience, add to your wisdom and keep doing things you love to do. Stay hungry-Stay foolish. Like they say " when you loose, don't loose the lesson'. No body is perfect and it's perfectly OK to NOT KNOW few things here and there. No body expects you to know everything under the sun. Live for your self, not for others, Confidence is the key. Your confidence can even get you things that you don't deserve, then what's the point loosing confidence. Be honest as well, if you don't know something, admit it. Learn-grow-prosper.

Lots of love.

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