Thursday, October 8, 2009

Reply to Celina Jaitly

This is a reply to her post on TOI, giving example of Alexander the great is support of LGBT community.

I agree with your POV and I completely agree that sexual orientation is totally up to one. I have some other things to add here. -There is nothing illegal, unethical or illogical about sexual preferences, it's good that you are coming up with famous historical examples to soften the anger LGBT community is facing. BUT I have an opinion that, there are few constrains to run society smoothly. I'm very neutral at this point of time about my stand and need some time to understand the issue, I somehow don't feel that this is ONLY about one's preference, it has more to that and people gotta research and understand it. Point is, instead of blindly supporting it or vice versa, bring this topic in open and discuss with open mind-start with neutral stand. - If you dig into Greek and Roman history you will find that it is full with incest. So do you think incest is normal? My point is before jumping to any conclusion for LGBT community we have to understand that it does not turn out to be like spoiling a already spoiled brat, today we support somebody for this and tomorrow somebody will come out in favor of animal sex, incest and what not ( and this is just about issue of sex, there are thousand more tabus we have to deal with !!). - Incest( scientific term inbreeding)was common practice few thousand years ago. now it's a tabu because of not only social reasons but more because of scientific reasons. Point is, there is also a possibility that some scientific evidence may come out for/against LGBT in future, PLEASE till than have an open mind. I think making people aware about this issue (that there are people who has different sexual orientation than usual one) is good but supporting it without getting into much detail sounds bit premature. Hope you understand, think about it.