Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eye for an eye would make the whole world blind !!

I would prefer blind love over hate created by enlightenment. We really don’t know what is going on behind the close doors in world politics, business short any politics. Reading more about inside stories, getting informed, having opinion, it’s all bullshit, it does not help in any way, everything just contribute towards more hate. Why can’t we just shut up, and love each other.

Trace back the cycle from where we are right now and try to understand the chain reaction. Muslim extremism in one of the biggest threat to world and Inida, so where does it come from, they argue a bout Gujarat-2002, Hindus of Gujarat blame it on Godhra, they will say there wasn’t anything like Godhra, it was a conspiracy, we blame it on 93-bombay blasts, they will state Dec 6-babari masjid was the root cause, we will say there was a Ram temple there and they don’t have any right to claim that land for masjid, they will say Ram never existed…blah blah blah…why we indulge in such a non-issues after all. Advani needed an agenda to shine at national politics, BJP didn’t have any great issue to make it an election agenda, what to do, make a trivial thing an issue. That’s how it all started. One guy’s personal-selfish ambition and short slightness of people around him and their selfishness, people who elected those...everybody pushed us into this horrible condition…who is at fault?

Now you know something more about what happened and why we are in such a horrible situation, what difference that makes to your life. If you are Hindu you might not agree with this (and say congress’s vote bank politics created Hindu fundamentalists) and probably become extremist or if you agree you might become soft right-winger. If you are a Muslim you will say..” see, we don’t get proper treatment, we’ll fight for our cause”. If you are none, nobody will listen to you as you do not belong to large chunk of vote bank ( unless you are dalit or something…another issue). Bottom line is from which ever group you belong to, these politicians will screw you and make you believe that eye-for-an-eye is THE way to go…sadly that will make whole world blind...and that is why I'd prefer blind love over enlightenment.