Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The urge of delivering the very best every possible time sometimes takes away the joy and opportunity of a learning process. Yeah that’s what happens with me all the time. I’ve been thinking of starting this activity since ages, hopefully today I will make it through.

Not going trough a very good phase of my life. There are lots of uncontrollable things are going around. I wish I could have more control over what ever happening around me but the best thing I can do right now is wait and watch. Strictly, I do not enjoy such situations. I always like control. Control over things, people, situations and of course my attitude. I might/might not have an attitude problem but one thing is for sure I am really suffering a great deal because of my attitude.

Though I am always ready to learn I do not like always being taught’, jeees this is killing me.
The pictures says it all, emotional turmoil through out my system. Trying hard to figure out bunch of ‘wh’ questions.

I wish, I hope would strike back with something more positive pretty soon. I wanted to start this badly, it has to be posted.