Thursday, November 11, 2010

How things change !

Reading in Gujarati is altogether a different fun. Ever since I remember I always liked reading, from the very young age to up-till now I've not lost habit of reading,though 'type' of reading has varied a lot. When I was a kid I used to read Gujarati weekly( or probably fortnightly) fulvadi, chandan, chandamama etc, then I gradually progressed to Newspapers ( mainly Gujrat Samachar) to Safari magazine to novels of Harikisan Mehta and likes etc. 

Now I mostly read English non-fiction, bunch of celebrity/non-celebrity blogs and loads of columns/news articles. I usually have an opinion of just about everything ( don't know it's bad or good !!) and usually discuss current affairs with friends or on in the cloud. In-the-cloud option gives me chance to be a free flowing ranter [ which I immensely enjoy, as I can change my view anytime and nobody can hold me responsible for anything :D---on a side note, I always wonder how columnist deal with such pressure where somebody can hold them responsible for every single word they utter,anytime. And as our views change with time it's really difficult being a  celebrity]

Basically I'd started writing today keeping in mind to rant against Jay Vasavda :) but as I'm on some diffrent course I'd do that some other time and stick with this random stuff. 
Sometimes I wonder, how my taste has changed over the years on just about everything. ( on a second thought I still like same kinda music so I'd rephrase the initial sentence with "taste have changed on few things") My guess is, there could be several reasons behind that: 
a) Time has changed- so basically what was right then is no more right kinda statement. 
b) I've become more informed-this one is absolute truth, as everyone learns a thing or two everyday. 
c) I've become more open to thing called 'perspective'-now I've become more receptive to different views and moreover now I understand that there are very few 'absolute truths'--most of the things are mere perspective and everyone should learn to respect other's view point.

The last paragraph is kinda of a starting point of how I feel about Jay Vasavda ( and for that matter other things/people I used to love). I would write 'lows-highs and in-betweens about JV' some other time and this would be my starting point.