Sunday, August 15, 2010

Troublesome Pakistan.

Chetan Bhagat wrote an article in TOI over our FM's visit to Pakistan, what they discussed, how things unfolded and what should have happen. you can read it here.

This is what I wrote him back:

I like your article, reasoning and examples. I like everything but the media part. I don’t know how many Pakistanis you personally know but I happen to know quite a few, with my little bit exposure to them I’ve learnt that more India we show to them more trivial things we give away to discuss. They are and were already very well aware of our free society BUT now they point out Naxals, corrupt politicians, dumb journalist and opportunistic self-made netas ( read Thackerys and likes) in every other discussion and make fun of us.

They really don’t take our success seriously, few might feel some jealousy for couple of issues here and there but on the whole they feel that we are also fucked up same way as Pakistanis.
I strongly feel we don’t have anything to showcase except freedom of speech ( that too is way limited). I’d rather give away Kashmir and protect rest of the country ( it’s whole another issue and one can argue endlessly over it !).

Peace and love.